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Build your own temporary tattoo

  • Build your own temporary tattoo

Use your imagination and build your own temporary tattoo design using the designs how you like. You can also add these additional elements to other temporary designs or they can be used to cover existing tattoos.

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Photo is for illustration purposes only, this tattoo can be applied to most areas of the body.

There is no high shine to these temporary tattoos, which gives them very realistic appearance. The adhesive covers the whole design and around outer edges, making it even easier to apply and therefore there is no need to cut around the tattoo design before application.

Easy to apply with water, once applied the tattoo is very resilient and will not come off in the bath or shower, you can even go swimming which makes these great for summer holidays!

The artwork measures 7 Inches from top to bottom.

Depending on where the tattoo is applied on the body and how it is applied (the least hairy the area the better) these tattoos can last up to five days or more... details for 'tips and tricks' will be provided with your new tattoo.

To remove, simply rub alcohol, hand sanitiser or baby oil!

To see additional images and videos of the temporary tattoos applied to skin, please visit the social media pages;

Instagram; @Jennakerrtattoo
Facebook; Jenna Kerr tattoo

Do not apply to sensitive skin or near the eye or lip area. Please do not use if you are allergic to adhesive dressings.

These are printed with FDA approved colourants which exceed US, Canadian and European Union safety standards for cosmetic production.

No returns are accepted on these items